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Renewable Energy for a
Sustainable Future Brighter Tomorrow

We provide Renewable Energy Solution for Indonesia like EV Chargers, Solar Systems (Solar Panels, Inverters, Batteries, Solar Mounting and Solar Tracking System), Smart Energy Management and also Sustainability Consulting Services.

Indonesia Needs Breakthroughs To Become World Leader in Sustainability !


Eco Friendly

Electricity that comes from solar power is one way to power your home or business that is beneficial for the environment. 

Full Services

We design, install, operate and maintain your solar system (PLTS). Our service include Solar PV Monitoring.



Our team more than 10 (ten) years experience in renewable energy, engineering and sustainability projects.

End to End Renewable Energy Solution

EV Fast Chargers and Charging Stations

Essential infrastructure that facilitates the convenient and efficient charging of electric vehicles, promoting the adoption of sustainable transportation.

For Industrial Area

We provide insights on the best interventions to increase neutral energy, sustainability and circularity in​​ industrial areas, independent cities and or special economic zones.

For Building

We help businesses, office buildings, malls, hotels, apartments and hospitals to understand the current state of sustainability, analyze and act to develop your sustainability vision.

For Home

Solar Home Systems for Home and Residential Area like Solar Panels, Inverters and Battery, Solar Mounting and Tracking Systems.

For City

We guide cities in the integral design sustainable city and their gradual shift from a linear economy to a circular economy. Creating a Future City based on vision, potential and unique identity of the city.

Why Choose Us

We require sustainable solution to shape a brighter future

We empower businesses, cities and country for realization the big idea of sustainability into real work and strategic. Strategic means have a broader impact in the long-term. Let’s collaborate & work together for a better future of Indonesia.

What we offer

Select Green Energy for Business Success and a Healthier Planet


We provide systems for small scale such as residential and offices ranging from capacities of 1.5 kWp to 5 kWp. From solar panel, inverter, battery.


We provide solar systems (PLTS) for medium to large scale building and large scale industries.

Remote Area

Remote Area

We provide Solar Systems to remote areas that do not have an electrical energy supply. With Off Grid and Hybrid system.


Our Challenge

How do we solve our challenges of climate change, sustainability, energy transition and circular economy?

Global Warming & Climate Change

Deforestation & Land Degradation

Growth of The City & Urbanization

Transition To Circular Economy

Transition To Sustainable Energy


Let’s shine the dream with solar energy

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Our Services

Make the Sustainable
Energy Choice for Business Success
and a Healthier Planet

Solar Panel Design

Solar System Installation

Solar Financing Options

Solar Energy Audits

Solar PV Maintenance

Sustainability Solutions

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Let's Start Project

Sysnesia Energy vision is Indonesia The World’s Sustainable Economy Axis. We help companies, government and the public sector to bring sustainable quality of life in Indonesia.

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