Starting from an idea, to integrate the entire archipelago. Sysnesia was founded with the spirit of the Nuswantara Satwika philosophy. Nuswantara means Nusantara (archipelago), Satwika means to unite. So Nuswantara Satwika means to unite the archipelago.

Sysnesia comes from the word Sys mean System, Nesia is acronym of the word Indonesia. Sysnesia mean a System Indonesia. We are determined to solve technological problems ranging from infrastructure, accessibility and integration of technology and human resources. We are starting from information technology solution, PT Sysnesia Teknologi Semesta and renewable energy solution, PT Sysnesia Energi Nusantara.

Indonesia and most other countries facing  the renewable energy transition. Which is replacing fuels with renewable energy. This transition can impact many aspects of life including the environment, society, the economy and governance. Our challenge is to advancing this renewable energy transition for Indonesia sustainable future.

The continuous rise in CO2 emissions over the last 30 years and growing global demand for stable electricity, heating, cooling, and transportation represent a major challenge worldwide. A growing population and expanding middle class set the global energy scene in flux. The million-dollar question therefore becomes: how do we ensure access to clean and affordable energy for all and halt climate change, without stalling economic progress? The answer needs a global response, which is why the United Nations has chosen energy as the focus of the Sustainable Development Goal number 7 (SDG 7), aiming to ensure affordable and clean energy for all.

Still, different countries face different kinds of energy challenges, which is why each country must find their own unique energy model to transition to a low-carbon economy. Some economies need to strengthen their domestic grid infrastructure to secure a stable supply of electricity, whereas others need to take action to reduce the country’s overall energy consumption. Some already base their energy consumption on energy generated by renewables, while others are well underway with the digitalisation of their energy system, rolling out sensors and smart meters, using data to create more intelligent and flexible energy systems. Transitioning to a low-carbon society marks a paradigm shift in the energy sphere.

In order to reach SDG 7 and decarbonize the global energy system solutions like clean energy sources, green heating and energy efficiency measures must be implemented. The decarbonisation and economic growth are not mutually exclusive. The most prosperous societies of the future will also be the ones that are the most sustainable.

Headquartered in Jakarta, we build an Renewable Energy company that will create new opportunities, solve fundamental problems in renewable energy solution and Internet of Energy(IoE), help Indonesian people, increase economic growth, and creating Indonesia sustainable future. 

Renewable Energy for Indonesia Clean and Sustainable Future

We are committed to being the next generation renewable energy and sustainability consultant company. Recognized in renewable energy services and innovations for Indonesia’s sustainable future. Sysnesia Energy helps you to see renewable energy business opportunities and create a circular economy for long-term economic growth. We dedicate our deep knowledge and can-do attitude to helping our customers change the world together.

Our Vision and Mission

Sysnesia Energy advancing Indonesia that runs entirely on clean energy. Sysnesia develops, constructs, and operates offshore and onshore wind farms, solar farms, energy storage facilities, and bioenergy plants, and provides energy products to its customers. Here is our Vision, Mission, Motto and Guiding Principle :

VISION : Indonesia, where renewable and clean energy system is integrated into our daily lives, solves most of the nation’s main problems and creates a better life.

MISSION : Integrate and build Indonesia’s renewable energy solution to increase positive economic-socio-cultural impacts for society, customers, professional experts, partners, the environment and the country.

MOTTO :  Extraordinary Through Synergy and Strategic Collaboration

GUIDING PRINCIPLE : One vision, growing together, being together

We help from medium to large renewable energy projects. If you are creating a renewable energy project in Indonesia, we’d love to hear from you.


Key Behaviours


Become individuals who are able to lead themselves and take the initiative to do their best in accordance with their duties


Work quickly, precisely and accurately according to expertise and oriented to provide the best for customers and the company.


Build harmonious cooperation internally as well as build productive strategic collaboration to the external.


Being open and adapting to new things is beneficial for companies and organizations with transparency.


Be honest, sincere, fair. Do not discriminate and are always wise to create good trust and reputation. 

If you are creating a renewable energy project in Indonesia, we’d love to hear from you.

We are Qualified & Professional

We are committed to being the next generation, clean energy company. Recognized in renewable energy services and innovations for Indonesia’s sustainable future. 

High Quality Service

At Sysnesia Energy, we are dedicated to product and service excellence. We’re not satisfied until you’re satisfied.

Best Price in Market

We help for the achievement of maximum provision of a good or service and financing structure of every unique projects.

Benefits for our Company

We provides free guides and expert advice to support your work on clean energy consultation, policy making, project installation, system operation, project development, finance and more.


Our team and expert easy to access and communicate with you and your team.


Our respons to help you fast to response in any inquiry you have in renewable energy project.


We do smart and intelligence way to help all our customer across Indonesia.