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We help cities, districts, companies in Indonesia transition towards a sustainable future.

Sysnesia Energi consists of a global and local multidisciplinary team of experts and consultants in energy transition, sustainability, climate change, urban planner, integral designer, architect, civil engineering, electrical, mechanical, energy, chemistry, environment and water resources, geologist, geodesist and geographic information system, geophysics, biodiversity and ecologist, forest conservation, waste management, circular economy, climate change finance, carbon market, finance and investment, strategic thinker, as well as green leaders for a sustainable future of Indonesia. By using integral design methods, “smart engineering” and local wisdom to create Indonesia to be The World’s Sustainable Economy Axis 2045. We help companies, governments and the public sector adapt and face the challenges of climate change (extreme weather, floods, disaster, sea level rise, drought, earthquake etc.), growth of the city and urbanization, energy transition to renewable energy sources, and the transition to a circular economy.


Indonesia The World's Sustainable Economy Axis 2045

We empower businesses, cities and country for realization the big idea of sustainability into real work and strategic. Strategic means have a broader impact in the long-term. Let's collaborate & work together for a better future of Indonesia.




We Need to Tackle Five Grand Challenges

For a Better Planet and Mother Earth.

Global Warming & Climate Change

Deforestation & Land Degradation

Growth of The City & Urbanization

Transition To Sustainable Energy

Transition To Circular Economy

Do you need help to solve these challenges?


Indonesia Needs Breakthroughs To Become World Leader in Sustainability

How do we solve our challenges of climate change, sustainability, energy transition and circular economy?

For City

We guide cities in the integral design sustainable city and their gradual shift from a linear economy to a circular economy. Creating a Future City based on vision, potential and unique identity of the city.

For Public Space

We empower you to create sustainable iconic public spaces as local identity and wisdom on a small or large scale to create quality, healthy, beautiful and comfortable spatial layouts.

For Industrial Area

We provide insights on the best interventions to increase neutral energy, sustainability and circularity in​​ industrial areas, independent cities and or special economic zones.

For Building

We help businesses, office buildings, malls, hotels, apartments and hospitals to understand the current state of sustainability, analyze and act to develop your sustainability vision.


Dedicated To Achieve Indonesia Sustainable Development Goals

Sysnesia Energi is a truly multidisciplinary renewable energy, engineering, architecture and sustainability consulting company.

Almost Energy Neutral Building

.Start Small .Big Impact

Almost Energy Neutral Building (AENB) is a derivative of the Paris Agreement which has been used as European guidelines for all buildings since January 1, 2021. Indonesia also need to start implementing this for more efficient use of energy and a better Indonesia. The ‘Energy Neutral Building’ reduce not only energy but also CO2 emissions. 
What can we combine to achieve this Energy Neutral Building?
  • 1. Solar Panels
  • 2. Heat Recovery
  • 3. Isolated Facade
  • 4. Rainwater Storage
  • 5. Access to Sunlight
  • 6. Green Element
  • 7. Electrical & Mechanical Parking Area 
  • 8. Heat & Cold Storage
The Energy Neutral Building meaning that all the energy needed by the building and the users who work in it, must be able to be produced through the building itself. An energy neutral building is basically a building that produces as much energy as is required for the operation of the building. Our team of experts can help you to make it happen and this services available to order :
Survey/Feasibility Study

Energy Neutral Building. Both new and old buildings.

Technical Consultancy

Energy Audit & Green Building Consultation

Green Building Design

(Architecture, Structure, Electrical, Mechanical)

License & Certificate 

Certificate of Occupancy(SLF), Energy Performance Certificate.

We Know The Way, Show The Way and Lead The Way

We use INTEGRAL DESIGN for Future Cities, Buildings & Public Spaces

Energy | Flora & Fauna | Soil & Subsurface | Water | Living Environment | Mobility | Material

After studying the Pancasila Economy, the model of economic development and design of world development today and the real challenges of the world in the future. We realize that instead of prioritizing economic growth, we must prioritize fulfilling the main needs of the Indonesian people within the limits of ecological wisdom. A healthy economy must be designed to thrive, not grow. New forms of progress must balance the dynamic relationship between social justice, welfare and the ecological wisdom. This local wisdom is the noble values ​​that apply in the way of life of the Indonesian people to protect and manage the environment in a sustainable manner. Instead of taking GDP as the main indicator of the national economy and treating growth as an end in itself. It is more important to focus on creating people's welfare and improving our social and economic life. The future economy must be regenerative and distributive in nature, in which the aim of economic development is to improve the standard of living and quality of life of the Indonesian people.

To create value as a company or institution in the Pancasila Economy and ESG (environment, social, and good governance). You need to put theory aside and develop a concrete, practical plan that you can implement. Success is not just about providing technology and finance. But it's also about embedding all the sustainable development goals into your strategy, planning, design and operations. Incorporate ESG & SDGs factors into your company, institution and project strategy and transformation as well as in your sustainability report as a guarantee to ensure Indonesia's sustainable future success.

World Class Sustainable Experiences

Sustainability is the Next Big Disruptor
We work closely with our Global Partner that implement this sustainable (innovative) projects.

If you are planning to create a sustainable project in your city, district, public spaces, buildings, company. We will help you and the team to make it happen.

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