Internet of Energy (IoE)

IoT for Energy New

The Internet of Energy (IoE) solution is a networked system of smart energy infrastructure components across generation units, loads, storage, energy meters, and automated distribution equipment. The aim of IoE is to collect, organise and make the information from individual grid-edge devices across the network available to all other grid management participants simply and quickly. The fundamental issue is the volume of data and the time required to analyse the information. As the number of devices and amount of information increases for distribution networks, the traditional SCADA communications, and application management limits the sharing of the information across a utility and the capabilities that the data can offer. The data volume and scale can be overcome using secure communication networking of the devices, together with leading edge IT technology like cloud computing. As device information is consumed by a cloudbased platform the integration and sharing of information can be simplified using software applications running on the cloud platform.

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