At Sysnesia Energi, we have a three-tier management structure consisting of the Founders, Global Partner Advisors and Indonesia Team. The Founders are responsible for managing the company’s affairs. 


Dr. Ichsan, M.Sc


Circular economy & renewable energy professional. Experience more than 15 years in renewable energy technology and projects such as biomass, biogas, microalgae, solar, wind and hydro energy.

Jetson Siahaan


Experience more than 10 years in strategic account  management for banking, government, retail, SMB, manufacturing, media and telecommunication industry. Passion about technology, business, and strategy.

Yuri Sangala


Experience more than 10 years as Mechanical Engineer. Expertise in mechanical engineering, environt compliance, process engineering, project management. Passionate in cycling and hiking.

Sejahtra Abadi


Experience more than 10 years as Electrical Engineer. Expertise in main equipment such as generator, transformer, high voltage equipment, MV Switchgear and MCC, lighting control system architecture. 



Experience more than 7 years in accounting and financial  work. She has a dream to help the people of Indonesia for a better life in the future and saw an opportunity to make this a step closer by join SYSNESIA ENERGI team.

Global Partner Advisors

Robin Pegden

Global Advisor Investment

Experience more than 20 years as businesman. Director of Envirogen Technologies Inc. He have access to extensive of technology, funders, bringing change leading greener world for all. 

Richard Ruijtenbeek

Global Advisor Technology

More than 20 years in civil and building engineering and project sustainable (innovative). In 2014, get Greentech awards Germany the European ‘Oscars’ for sustainable projects. 

Bianca Janossy

Global Advisor Renew Energy

Experience more than 20 years in renewable energy. Director and Renewable Energy Facilities Upgrade and Independant Renewable Solutions Consultant at Beehive Energy, UK.

Paul Selders

Global Advisor Waste to Energy

Experience more than 20 years in waste to energy and biofuel energy. Director Selders Engineering & Contracting for Circular Solutions, Renewable Solutions.

Damy Heezen

Global Advisor Strategic

Experience 15 years in business, technology  & training. Always helping Indonesian, train and coach them to a higher level of expertise. He is also part of Global Changemakers Network.

Indonesia Team

Suhono Supangkat

Senior Advisor Smart City

Director Smart Cities and Communities Innovation Center ITB.  Senior Advisor to Defence Industry Policy Committe Ministry of Defence. Expertise in Digital Transformation Framework, Smart City/Community Model.

Roy Sembel

Senior Advisor Investment

Experience more than 20 years in Finance & Investment. Professor distinguished chair for finance and investment at IPMI International Business School. Consultant at more than 100 companies, state-owned, government.

Budianto Surbakti

Senior Advisor Strategy

Experience more than 20 years in Sales Business at Indonesia and Regional South East Asia. More than 18 Years working in Scheneider Electric, latest as Deputy Director Sales Power Generation-Energy Division. He is a good motivator.

Farhan Helmy

Senior Advisor Climate Change

A member of Climate Reality Leader Corps, an En-ROADS Climate Ambassador, a scientifically-trained independent professional on natural resource, environmental and climate change policy analysis.

Roy Michael

Senior Advisor Legal

Experience more than 15 years in Strategic Legal Consulting, including business, investment and merger plans. Specialist and expertise advocate in Corporate, Investment, Restructuring and Infrastructures. He advise business structures.

Deni Gumilang

Advisor Finance Climate

Strong experience in climate finance. He is liaising with government officials of Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Planning/ Bappenas, Ministry of Energy and Resources Mineral, Indonesian Financial Institution Authorities.

Derry Wanta

Advisor Finance Sustainability

Consultant Blended Finance at ICCTF-Bappenas. Expertise Blue Governance Specialist for the World Bank, as independent consultant, researcher at Trisakti Sustainability Center (TSC). He focuses on green & climate finance.

Michella Wijaya

Advisor Environment

Experience more than 10 years Consultant in sustainable engineering and environmental impact assessment. She aim for creating energy solutions and sustainable concepts with proven technologies in coorporation with our partners.


Advisor Strategic SDGs

Experience more than 10 years work in Global Organization. Currently roled as Coordinator of Secretariat for GoI-UNICEF Cooperation, BAPPENAS (Ministry of National Development Planning of Republic Indonesia).


Advisor Business

Experience more than 10 years in Business Process, Customer Experience Strategy, Marketing & Strategic Communication, Marketing Strategist and  Currently roled as AVP, Head of Business Process Reengineering at CIMB Niaga.


Advisor Marketing

Experience more than 10 years in Marketing and Operational  of Biomass Renewable Energy. Now working as Director of  Operational PT Biomass Fuel Indonesia. She know doing business with Japanese Company and Japanese business culture.

Imam Reiza

Advisor Technology

Experience more than 10 years in Engineering and Solution Architects. An Engineer with a demonstrated history of working around information technology, services and telco industry. Currently roled as Head of Engineering at Bukalapak.

Yolanda Roring

Advisor Channel Development

Experience more than 15 years in Business Development, Event Producer,  Business Channel Development, Event Organiser, Marketing for B2B & B2C. Head of International Affair – Association Indonesia ICT Enterpreneur(APTIKNAS)

Dior Tanriyo

Advisor Investment

Experience more than 5 years in business development, fund manager, investment structuring and advisory. He share the information, values and solutions that business in Indonesia have to offer, both on the investor’s and on the owner’s side.

Heni Ardiana

Website Developer

Experience in the world of website programmers and website-based information development, She currently have experience as a wordpress developer and website developer. She is very happy to interact and socialize with many people.

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