Waste To Energy

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The rapidly increasing quantities of waste, generated in industrial zones, are a major concern for the environment. Industrial facilities have millions of tons of waste every year. In addition, the annual average rate of production is increasing. However, most of the current disposal and processing capacity is not enough to deal with the current production and with the expected future growth. Moreover, existing facilities are not meeting the requirements of the acceptable environmental standards. Due to our commitment to the environment, Sysnesia Energy provides a ” Zero waste service “, where we help highly waste- producing business facilities to get rid of their waste in an environmentally friendly and economically viable ways. By capitalizing on our waste management plants, we guarantee a safe and an efficient disposal for different types of waste, including hazardous waste. We turning waste unto energy. We turns unsorted municipal into biogas, while plastics, glass and metals to be recycled. Specially for waste in big city and industry. 

Our Solutions

We strive to design and deliver the comprehensive renewable energy solution to our customers.